A compact company with ambitious projects.

Discover how our solutions and services help the chemical industry operate safely, efficiently and sustainably, today and tomorrow.

Stay ahead.

Our story.

Circle Infra Partners was born out of a long history of involvement with the Chemelot and companies, where we have extensive experience in managing the shared infrastructure, including rail, roads, sewers, buildings and the extensive water treatment plant.

The chemical industry faces world-class challenges with scarcity of raw materials and water becoming increasingly urgent. Transitioning to green resources and moving to a circular site requires sustainable infrastructure modifications.

At Circle Infra Partners, we are ready to support the industry as a partner in this transition. We are committed to creating a safe environment for the sustainable and efficient production of chemical products. We do this by applying our expertise, experience and innovative power in the areas of safety, environment and infrastructure.

With a deep-rooted commitment to Chemelot and our focus on sustainability and innovation, we work side by side with the chemical industry to achieve its ambitions.

This is how we work together to transition to a sustainable future of the chemical industry.

Our core values.

We strive to help industry produce safely, sustainably and efficiently, now and in the future. We do this by leveraging our expertise, experience and power of innovation in safety, environment and infrastructure. Our core values are the foundation of everything we do:

Safety first, we either do it safely or we don’t. Based on our belief that only by working together can we achieve zero incidents, we feel responsible for each other’s safety and behavior.

We are always looking to improve. Challenging ourselves and our partners keeps us Forward thinking in technology and effectiveness of our services. We organize solutions that move our partners forward.

Our work is crucial to the Chemelot site’s “License to Operate. Therefore, we are a partner that is Reliable, keeps appointments and does not compromise on safety, environment and quality.

We understand our clients’ goals and needs and respond quickly to questions and developments. Customer focus, proactive, reliable and focused on adding value is characteristic of our approach.

With us, there is room to show Ownership. We take initiative, take responsibility and take pride in what we do, supported by our leadership that fosters a culture of ownership.

As a compact organization and close-knit team, we utilize each other’s strengths to the fullest. Through Collaboration, we challenge each other, we listen, and we are honest and open.

Our dedication.

At Circle Infra Partners, we strive to not only meet but exceed expectations. We are proud of our role in supporting the chemical industry and look forward to continuing to grow and innovate with our partners. Sylvia, Jos, Nilofar, Christian and Pascal combine their experience and expertise to ensure innovation, safety and efficiency. Their dedication ensures that we constantly strive to improve and create a sustainable future for Chemelot.

This is how we work towards the ambitions of the chemical industry.