About us

Circle Infra Partners – A new name for a company with a long history

Circle Infra owns part of the common infrastructure at Chemelot in the field of rail, roads, sewerage, buildings and operates a large water treatment plant.  

The chemical industry plays a key role globally and faces the challenge of adapting to new sustainability and environmental requirements, shifts in global markets, and changing societal norms. 

Circle Infra Partners supports the industry to produce safely, sustainably and efficiently, both now and in the future. We do this with our expertise, experience and innovative strength in the field of safety, the environment and infrastructure. 

This is how we work on the ambitions of the chemical industry. 

Our core values.

We do it safely, or we don’t. We feel responsible for each other’s safety and behaviour. We know that we can only achieve zero incidents together.

We continuously improve by challenging ourselves and our partners. We follow relevant developments closely and are at the forefront of safety, technology and the effectiveness of our services. We organise solutions that move our partners forward.

We are a compact organisation and a close-knit team. We seek each other to make the most of our strengths. We challenge one another, listen, are honest and open.

We understand our customers’ goals, and listen to their needs. We adapt quickly to questions and developments. We are proactive, reliable and focused on adding value.

There is plenty of room to show ownership. We take initiative, seize responsibility and take pride in what we do. Supported by leadership that creates the culture to allow ownership to flourish.

We feel highly responsible for the task at hand: our work is crucial for the License to Operate of the Chemelot site. That is why we are a reliable partner, keep agreements and do not compromise on safety, environment and quality.