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Infrastructure at Chemelot.

The infrastructure at Chemelot is a unique and crucial factor for the chemical companies at the site. This network includes rail lines, pipelines, sewage pipes and copper and fiber optic cables, as well as common facilities such as roads, sidewalks, lighting, traffic signs, fences and entrance gates. This extensive infrastructure is the basis for the efficient and safe operations on the Chemelot site.

Smart management of all facilities.

Circle Infra Partners plays a key role in ensuring that all transportation facilities and common areas meet legal requirements, both for people and materials. This includes facilities covered by BRZO, Major Accident Hazards Decree legislation. Our focus is on safety, predictability and cost control. We achieve results through strategic procurement, continuous monitoring of laws and regulations, technological innovations, smart maintenance and cooperation with partners. Thanks to our approach, the companies at Chemelot can count on a safe, compliant and optimally performing infrastructure, allowing them to fully concentrate on their core activities and maximize the synergy on the site.

More sustainable, efficient and smart.

As the owner of the infrastructure assets at Chemelot, we are responsible for their management. We continually strive for the perfect balance between maintenance and replacement. And while the many miles of roads, tracks, column tracks and sewer pipes form a fixed basic facility, our management is dynamic. With constant changes in laws and regulations, we adapt to maintain Chemelot’s License to Operate. In addition, we have established life-time-extension programs to keep the reliability of the common infrastructure high.
The companies at Chemelot have great ambitions in terms of sustainability and efficiency. To achieve these goals, the infrastructure at the site must grow with them. Circle Infra Partners plays a crucial role in this by constantly aligning its policies and investment plans with these developments. By proactively providing solutions, we ensure that companies are unburdened and can achieve their ambitions.

Safety and maintenance.

Safety is our highest priority. As managers of the common areas and owners of the infrastructure, we are responsible for the safety of people, the environment and the quality of the common facilities. Our added value lies in how we accomplish this. Building on years of knowledge and experience, and always looking for new insights and technological possibilities. High-tech sensors, predictive models, Big Data and the Internet of Things are applied for close monitoring, careful inspection and accurate predictions. This ensures that companies at Chemelot can rely on safe common space and maximum availability of assets, including optimal management of the common leased space.

Our scope.

Circle Infra Partners provides safe and reliable survey, procurement, maintenance, management and renewal of:
  • Landlord management appropriate for a chemical site. Read more in the OBL Portal
  • Infrastructure for both transportation and protection of people and materials (common infra)
  • Pipeline infrastructure
  • The rail and shunting activities in accordance with Seveso-III Guidelines
  • The industrial wastewater transport system (sewage system)
  • On-site facilities and transport services for the storage of ADR tank trailers in accordance with the BRZO
  • The facilities at Port of Chemelot (Stein) on the Juliana Canal
  • IT Infra

Latest news and updates.

Circle Infra Partners – Press Release

Circle Infra Partners – Press Release

Geleen, July 11, 2024 – Circle Wastewater Services B.V. (Circle), as permit holder, is satisfied with the recent ruling of the Limburg District Court in connection with the lawsuit against decisions of the Limburg Water Board. The case was brought because of some unworkable regulations in its permit.

Ready to work together?

Partnership is at the core of Circle Infra Partners. By working together, we exploit synergies that lead to new opportunities, innovations and growth.