Circle Infra Partners

A new company with a long history.

Leading partner for the chemical industry to produce safely, efficiently and sustainably, now and in the future.

Stay ahead.

Chemistry’s ambitions.

Stay ahead.

Chemistry is everywhere and plays a key role in global industry. To maintain that position, adapting is essential. To new sustainability and environmental requirements, to market developments and to changing societal standards. We support the chemical industry to produce safely, sustainably and efficiently, now as well as in the future. We do this with our expertise, experience and innovative strength in the fields of safety, environment and infrastructure.

This is how we contribute to the ambitions of the chemical sector.


Not only do we provide complete unburdening, allowing you as a company to focus on more efficient operations. Our services are of the highest quality and at competitive rates. In addition, our services operate under one roof, giving you a single point of contact and a single invoice. After all, flexibility and continuity are key for us.

Today, but also in the future.