The story of

Danee Gerekens

Customer Service Employee

“My colleagues make sure I come to work with a smile.”

How did you end up at Circle Infra Partners?
After completing my college degree in Facility Management, I started at Circle Infra Partners as a Customer Service Representative. I currently work in the Facility & Real Estate department, where we manage 40 buildings at Chemelot, with facilities such as coffee machines, cleaning and mail. In addition, we supply and facilitate the facilities for various technical installations.

Customers can report service requests and breakdowns through me, which I then forward to our suppliers. I also run reports for management and client meetings. Together with my colleagues in the Finance Department, I also handle billing. So a lot of phone and mail, and I like noticing that customers already know me well by now.

What is typical about Circle as an employer?

Circle Infra Partners is a relatively small company, where a strong bond between colleagues is ensured. There is much focus on cooperation and getting to know each other well. We do this through workshops, but also by organizing, for example, padel tournaments.

It is a small company with big projects, and we should certainly be proud of that!

What do you enjoy most about working at Circle?
My colleagues! Those make me come to work with a smile. We can always come to each other, with questions and to share ideas, even outside your department. Due to my varying range of duties, I come into frequent contact with customers, but certainly also with colleagues. Especially in our new office with an open atmosphere, it is easy to connect with others.
What are your personal ambitions?
I started in this position after getting my degree. Initially, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted and whether I wanted to continue studying. After a year at Circle, I feel that I am in my place here. In the future, I will support the Sourcing Department, which will give me the opportunity to discover in a pleasant and instructive way what gives me satisfaction. This company helps me explore my ambitions and it’s nice to be recognized and make great strides together.
What is your message for future employees?
Working together is most important to me, because it allows us to realize great projects and provide the best services to our clients. Get in touch with each other and help where needed. Perhaps a colleague with whom you rarely interact has the solution to your problem.

Circle Infra Partners has a large club of experience and knowledge, take advantage of it. Be eager to learn, be open to new things and share your opinions and knowledge where appropriate.

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