Chemelot site (OBL).

The Chemelot site is a whopping 800 hectares in size. More than half of this land involves OBL, which is managed by Circle Infra Partners. On this page you will find all the documents that may be needed in activities taking place within OBL.

Site Regulations (rules applicable to site office/working in OBL)

On the Chemelot site, rules for carrying out activities and work are laid down in site regulations. In addition, additional rules have been set for work in OBL area

Photo & Film Permit

Want to take photos or film in the OBL area? Apply for a permit here.

Special transport

Special transportation on the site? Report it here.

Road closures OBL

Perform work on or near a road that affects it? Request timely road closures here.

Overtime OBL

Over(working) on weekends? Please arrange in a timely manner using this form and with the Chief of Service.

Working outside office hours.

Working outside office hours? Please notify the Site Office in a timely manner using this form.


Before starting work, a Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) should be performed.